Why PayOn


Provide more convenient payment services in daily life, with fast and convenient cashless payments that ensure safety and time consuming by just to pay and top-up.


With our features, payment can be made easily and secure. Both users and merchants will experience the contactless payment adding up with safe and secure when make a transaction.


We provide the smarter, faster and easier payment solutions for individual to business from retail merchants to e-commerce sides with our complete payment solutions.

The easiest way to pay

Online Card

More secure payment by our Online Card where your balance is being stored online and by simply scan QR code or through Payment Gateway. Customer can easily pay for goods with fast and secure payment, while merchant is easily accepting PayOn payment service using our Merchant App.
With just simple steps, we will get you to the smart and easy payment. Scan here to download from App Store or Google Play.


Find it all at PayOn

Offline cards & Accessories

PayOn Pre-Paid Card is a plastic card which contains “cash value” that is fast and reliable to do transaction by simple just “tab” on the POS terminal to pay.

Smart Bands

PayOn Smart Band is completely water proof and wearable. With the NFC support, Smart Band is very useful and fashionable in this new trend of digital payment. You can wear everyday with various colors and a quick touch to pay.
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Smart Holder

Smart holder is a small chain that easily attach to your personal belongings. You can now make a payment with Smart Holder with style and even more convenient.
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Online Payment Gateway

Our online payment service is simply fast, easy and secure that allows you to boast your online sales with significant reduction of shopping cart abandonment rates. On top of this, we provide the simple and easy step with just a few clicks that boost the check-out experience. Let your customers enjoy payment more quickly, easily and secure.

GiftOn Service
(Mobile Coupon)

Make Use of Your Mobile Phone To The Next Level
Mobile coupon is simply known as an electronic coupon
used instead of paper based coupon, save time and
better deals. GiftOn provides a sophisticated functions
for buyers and sellers to experience the unique way
to redeem their coupons through mobile phone with
enjoyable sales promotion. You may Issues, Purchased
and Gift, Used and Managed on the PayOn platform.
Sellers are happily expanded their sales channel and
increase revenue through GiftOn service.

Accepting PayOn is easy

With our simple and effective payment solution, we are committed to help individuals, retailers and business establishments to bring new customer, increase sales and improvement operational efficiencies. PayOn provides just a simple steps to grow revenue with a trusted partner.