Frequently Asked Questions

You can find all answers here if you need them

PayOn is a top-up base Prepaid Card service offering online & offline card payment contains cash value. PayOn provides more convenient cashless payments that easily top-up and pay at wide variety of stores and transportations. No ques or cash in hand, it also can be transferred balances to family and friends or anyone.

PayOn issued and partnered with PPCBank. Currently, you may get PayOn card at any PPCBank branches close to you. Soon, you may be able to purchase the card anywhere with PayOn logo.

Simply visit any PPCBank branches close to you to get the card by topping-up the amount you desired, and the amount will be automatically inside your card and ready to use.

Simply find “PayOn Cambodia” on your devices and download to use.

The minimum you can top-up is 1$.

Currently, you may freely be top-up as up to $1,000 in both PayOn prepaid card and mobile card.

PayOn Mobile App Card offering both Khmer and English languages.