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How to get the Card

  1. PayOn service is issued by PPCBank, you may find Pre-paid card at any PPCBank branches close to you.
  2. Top-up amount your preferred amount into your prepaid card.
  3. Find PayOn logo at any merchant stores to make a payment.

Online Payment Services

Full-payment Solutions

We help businesses of every type and
size from a start-up retailer to e-commerce
business with our wide range of payment

Seamless and open online payment service provider

We make payments simple, whether
in-store, online, or on the go.

Large Userbase

We are keen to drive your e-Commerce into
success through our large and fast growing
user-base in Cambodia.

Key Featured

Multiple Payment Types

Single Interface
• Acceptance of bank cards and
account transfer from multiple banks
• Single Connectivity for all payment
• Supports major browsers and OS
environments with enhanced security

Consolidated Reports
• Real-time access to daily, weekly,
monthly summary reports
• Transaction & Settlement reports
• Reconciliation

User Experience

Our user-friendly
design makes it easy for
customer to pay

Payon Payment Gateway

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